When I talked to Cam I felt like he knew what he was doing. We wanted a geothermal system that also heats the garage with in-floor heat. The other contractors had a hard time incorporating that but Cam was able to come up with a way to do it cost effectively. -David KreberIn addition to the wonderful job with our AC, they went the extra mile. We had to have a chimney brought down because it was tall and unstable. Nobody I talked to wanted to go up there. I showed it to the Climate Control guys and they went up there and took it right down. -CharlotteTrebilcockThey took our old system into consideration as well as the way we wanted our temperatures. They made all the ductwork to fit from the shop, cut off the old and hooked on the new. Climate Control did a very good, neat job. I can’t say enough about them. -Charles BowarWhen the Climate Control guys started the job, they stuck to it and got it done. They even worked late sometimes, and didn’t just disappear at a certain time of the day. Plus, they one hundred percent cleaned up after themselves, every step. -Don Krause
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