Liquid and Granular Ice Melt

Ice Melt in Aberdeen, SD

Icy parking lots and driveways are a dangerous liability and traditional solutions such as salt and sand are messy and corrosive.

Climate Control has carefully selected two environmentally-friendly, non-toxic, and non-corrosive ice melt products. They work fast without a harsh odor and unlike salt or sand, our ice melt products won’t cause damage to vehicles and won’t be tracked into your home or business.

MeltDown Apex

Formulated for large areas such as parking lots and driveways

  • Proactively acts as an anti-icer (applied before the storm)
    • Can be applied up to 24 hours before the start of inclement weather
    • Superior “anti-bonding” properties aid plowing by reducing snowpack
  • Acts as a de-icer (applied after the storm)
    • Penetrates snowpack and breaks the ice bond at the road surface
  • Works at tempatures as low as -7°F.

MeltDown Absolute Zero

Granular product for usage in walking areas such as sidewalks

  • Environmentally friendly, low-corrosion de-icing product
  • Most effective granular de-icer at low temperatures
  • Less corrosive and safer for concrete than other de-icing products

Our service professionals have specialized equipment and the experience to handle large and small areas before and after the storm. Our flexible scheduling allows us to quickly meet your needs. Contact us today to eliminate your ice problems and liability risk.

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