Heating Services


Whether you need a heating repair, heating installation, or heating maintenance, you’ll want to contact the trusted heating experts at Climate Control. With us you’ll receive professional, prompt heating service from knowledgeable service professionals, and you can take advantage of our money saving coupons!

“We proudly repair, install and maintain all makes and models of heat pumps, furnaces, ductless mini splits, boilers, radiant heat systems and air conditioning systems for both commercial buildings and homes in our community”

- CamSchock, owner

Heating Repairs

When you need a heating repair in Aberdeen, SD, you can count on prompt, courteous service from our heating company. Our heating professionals have the skills and experience needed to quickly diagnose and repair heating systems. We will find the issue and perform the lasting repair that you need. Whether you need a furnace repair, geothermal repair, heat pump repair, boiler repair, radiant heat repair, or any other HVAC repair, you’ll want to contact our heating experts. At Climate Control, our home heating experts are committed to being honest and informative. We’ll never encourage you to purchase a new heating unit if a heating repair is all you need. We also offer some of the most competitive heating repair prices that you will find in the area, because we know that our clients are looking to get back up and running as inexpensively as possible.

Heating Installation & Replacement

To get the most out of a new heating unit, you’ll want to have it professionally installed. At Climate Control, our heating experts are happy to assist you in choosing the right heating system for your home. We perform many types of heating installations including: furnace installation, boiler installation, radiant heat installation, geothermal installation, and heat pump installation. Our heating professionals will install your heating unit correctly so that you can enjoy optimal efficiency and not have to worry about safety issues. We’ll work with you and your budget to ensure that you get the new heating system that best suits the needs of your home.

Heating Maintenance 

The best way to keep your heating system working safely and efficiently is to get it the heating maintenance it requires. When you opt for heating maintenance in Aberdeen, SD, you give our heating professionals the opportunity to spot minor issues before they lead to major problems. Minor issues can be fixed before they lead to heating system failures and the need for major heating repairs or replacements. When you get regular heating maintenance, your heating unit is likely to last longer, need fewer repairs, operate more efficiently, and be less likely to cause a fire or carbon monoxide poisoning. At Climate Control, we make heating maintenance as affordable as possible because we know how important it is and how much money it could save you in the long run.


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