Humidification & Dehumidification


You don’t want the humidity level at your home to be too high, nor too low. Unfortunately, the perfect level of humidity doesn’t always come naturally and problems arise. At Climate Control, we offer a selection of both humidifiers and dehumidifiers, so that you can keep the humidity level at your home under control throughout the entire year, no matter what the weather outdoors.


Humidification in Aberdeen, SD is most often needed in the winter months when air in homes can become particularly dry. Cold air cannot hold as much moisture as warm air, and furnaces tend to draw out moisture from the air. The resulting dry air can lead to discomfort, chapped skin, dry noses and throats, and a lessened ability to fight off winter illnesses. Furthermore, the dry air tends to feel cooler than moist air, leading many to turn up the heat. Our Aberdeen heating contractors can help you to avoid the issues that come along with dry winter air by installing a humidifier in your home. The right humidifier will help you to maintain a comfortable humidity level, so that you won’t end up spending more on heat or suffering from avoidable health issues.


Having too much moisture in the air is just as problematic as having too little. A humidity level that is too high can cause moisture to build on your interior surfaces like walls, ceilings, floors, and furniture. This moisture can cause damage and even lead to mold growth. Mold, of course, can become a serious health issue and will be less expensive to avoid in the first place than to eradicate later on. Air that is too humid can also cause a general discomfort and make your home feel hotter than it actually is, and when your home feels too hot, you’re likely to spend more money on air conditioning. A dehumidifier from Climate Control will allow you to control your home’s humidity level, so that you don’t have to suffer the consequences of air that is too moist.

At Climate Control, our indoor air quality experts can install the humidifier or dehumidifier that will help you to achieve a healthy, comfortable humidity level at your home. For humidification and dehumidification services in Aberdeen, SD and beyond, contact Climate Control today!


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