Dust Control

Dust Control in Aberdeen

If you live on a gravel road or run a business with a gravel parking lot, you know how inconvenient road dust can be. Your neighbors at Climate Control know firsthand so we offer the industry-best solution for South Dakota dust control and North Dakota dust control.

Most Effective Dust Suppressant

RoadSaver is a safe option for dust suppression that is applied over gravel to achieve road dust control. It is formulated with magnesium chloride which the US Department of Agriculture classifies as the least harmful dust suppressant to vegetation and groundwater. RoadSaver is a liquid dust control that works by keeping fine particles on the road which limits the dust in the air and offers the secondary benefit of improving road quality and providing erosion control.

A recent study conducted in McKenzie and Dunn counties in North Dakota showed magnesium chloride, the key ingredient of RoadSaver, was the most effective product to minimize road dust. Ten products were field tested and none compared to magnesium chloride.

Homeowner & Ag Producer Benefits

RoadSaver is perfect for homeowners on gravel roads. You’ll be surprised how much dust control improves your outdoor family life, as well as the safety of your home. With dust suppression, you’ll once again enjoy playing, eating and relaxing in your yard without the hazards and mess typically associated with gravel roads.

Gravel dust control also helps reduce the cost of cleaning vehicles, equipment, property, vegetation and living sites. Plus, it helps reduce vehicle maintenance cost and the chance of having to replace a windshield due to loose, flying gravel.

Local Government Benefits

For city, county and state governments, including dust suppressant as part of a road stabilization strategy can also reduce maintenance costs. With dust control on roads, the amount of loose pieces is limited and the stone portion of the gravel will tend to remain embedded in the surface and will not be lost to the edge of the road or even whipped off onto the inslope from heavy traffic, resulting in less gravel replacement.

Dust suppressants also control the loss of fines through dusting. When fines are lost from a gravel surface, the stone and sand-sized particles that remain become loose on the surface, leading to wash boarding and reduced skid resistance.  Incorporating dust control leads to fewer pot holes and less washboarding in treated areas, which means there is a reduced need for blading and watering.

Rely on the Dust Control Experts

Based in Aberdeen, Climate Control handles both SD dust control and ND dust control. We have specialized equipment and carry only the top-of-the-line road dust control products that minimize your road dust. Contact us today for a road dust suppression estimate.

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