Ductless Systems


Ductless HVAC systems are rapidly becoming more and more common because of the benefits that they provide that conventional HVAC systems simply cannot. Often referred to as mini-splits, multi-splits, or variable refrigerant flow heat pump systems, ductless systems are different because they eliminate the need for ductwork. They’ll keep your home or business as comfortable as a conventional HVAC system while at the same time yielding several unique benefits.

Benefits of choosing a Ductless HVAC System in Aberdeen SD, 

Ductless systems are energy-efficient. Your heated or cooled air doesn’t have to travel through ductwork before reaching the rooms of your home. Because the conditioned air goes directly out into your home, you don’t lose any energy along the way. A ductless system could both heat and cool your home. Rather than have one system for heating and one for cooling, your ductless system could do both.

Ductless systems are easy to install. Installing ductwork into a home can be a costly and time-consuming endeavor, but ductless systems require far less work.

Ductless systems allow you to keep different rooms at different temperatures. With a conventional HVAC system, you have to set one temperature for the whole house. With a ductless system you can vary the temperature from room to room, maximizing comfort and efficiency.

Mini-splits offer more interior design options. You can place mini-splits on walls, stand them on the floor, or suspend them from the ceilings.

You could save up to 30% on your energy bills. Old HVAC systems have a tendency to be inefficient, so when you replace one with an efficient ductless system, the savings can really add up over time.

When you install a ductless HVAC system, you eliminate the need for window air conditioners and space heaters. A ductless system can free up your window and provide the safety and peace of mind that a space heater cannot.

Climate Control would be happy to help you determine if a ductless system would be the right choice for your home or business. With a variety of options available, our heating professionals can assist you in selecting the ductless system that will best suit your needs and then professionally install it for optimal safety and efficiency.


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