Charles Bowar

Faulkton, SD
Farmer, Retired
Services Provided
Geothermal System, Existing Home

Charles Bowar and his wife have been life-long Faulkton residents. Charles was born and raised on a farm three miles South of Faulkton. Returning from military duty in Germany he and his wife took over the family farm. Faulkton was the perfect place to farm and raise their five children.

When Charles was ready to retire, two of his sons who’d been working as engineers in the city came home to take over farming and raise their own children. Charles and his wife built a house and moved into Faulkton.

“In ‘93, we started building our house we talked to a few people about geothermal. We were told it would probably take 20 years to pay the difference,” recalled Charles. He laughed adding, “And then of course with the way the price of fuel oil and everything else went up I probably would have paid for it in a lot less than that.”

Over the years, their conventional heat pump started giving them problems and by 2010, it was in constant need of repair.

The Bowars’ son had been involved with the installation of the church’s new geothermal system and recommended that Charles consider that option for their home.

Charles and his wife were heading down to Arizona for the winter, so the job had a tight timeline. Charles made a number of calls and Cam Schock with Climate Control, called him back immediately. The following day, Cam made the trip to Faulkton to help Charles weigh his options of replacing the heat pump versus installing a whole new geothermal system.

“Cam was the only one that called me back,” smiled Charles, “Just like that he came down here and got the ball rolling from there. It was the quick response that basically got him the job you might say.”

After working together to assess the Bowar’s comfort needs and taking careful measurements, Cam prepared an estimate for a new geothermal system the next day. Cam reviewed the estimate with Charles and his son and never hesitated to answer the many questions thrown at him.

“My son went with me up to Aberdeen after Cam had been here looking things over and measuring things up. He took us to one new house and it was fantastic what they had done. He took us to an older apartment building that they had put it in. And then we went to a couple other houses. We were very, very impressed with their quality of the workmanship,” explained Charles.

Charles was ready to get started with his project. The Climate Control team arrived on time as promised. All of the material had been fabricated within Climate Control’s facilities and were a perfect fit. Charles was impressed with how efficient and neat each team member was. They took care to cover the floor before they walked on it and cleaned up behind themselves each day. There wasn’t a thing the team had missed and Charles never had to make a call about anything. Once the system was installed, Charles got a lesson on how the thermostat operated and the system has been working beautifully ever since.

“They were fellas that didn’t only do a good job, they did it efficiently and they looked like people that enjoy their work. They just really did. I would absolutely recommend Climate Control to anyone!”

Case Studies

"Excellent work guys! Would recommend you to everyone! Thanks for solving a long going problem."
Steve, Aberdeen